About Us

HELICON MUSIC, is one of the leading music content companies in Israel, handling all aspects of its artists’ careers. Founded in 1985 by Itzhak Alshech and Ronnie Braun, who chose to name their company after Mount Helicon, which – according to Greek mythology  – is the home of nine Muses, including the goddesses of writing, art and science whose primary aim was to give inspiration to artists, mainly writers, musicians and philosophers.

Indeed, from its early years the company succeeded in finding its own unique muses, when it discovered and developed artists who, over the years, became part of the Israeli “soundtrack”.

The first artists to be signed to Helicon were two unknowns named Rita Yahan-Faruz and Rami Kleinstein, whom Ronnie Braun discovered when they were doing their military service. They were followed by, among others, the groups Ethnix, Mango (specially formed by Helicon who wanted to promote and market a girl trio), Stella Maris (acknowledged as the first hard rock band to be signed by an Israeli record company), Poplex (who were discovered in the clubs of Tel Aviv)…

Amir Dadon, Idan Raichel, Ivri Lider, Ninet Tayeb, Roni Duani and Shiri Maimon are just a few of the artists discovered and developed by Helicon Music, while other already established artists joined the company over the years include Aviv Geffen, Dikla, Dr. Casper’s Rabbit Show, Matti Caspi, Metropolin, Mookie, Oren Barzilay, The Yehudim, and Yehudit Ravitz.

Thanks to its experienced team, and in conjunction with the other companies in the group – Helicon Songs, Pop Art, Helicon Cnaan, and Shura Rishona – Helicon Music continues to look for new talent; develop more established artists; find young composers and lyricists, and produce original music content; manage and promote artists; produce concerts and shows; and distribute musical content, including that of third party licencors, in both the physical and digital formats.

Helicon Music is the exclusive licensee of the Universal Music Group, the largest music content company in the world;

About ten years ago Helicon Music, in conjunction with The Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, launched the “Helicon Classics” label, aimed at bringing recordings of the IPO in concert to the widest audience possible, by releasing archival material as well as recording select performances from the IPO’s concert season.

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